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Findlay Ohio Prosthetics & Orthotics

Professional Prosthetic & Orthotic Services

Our Goal

The goal of the Findlay American Prosthetic and Orthotic center is to rehabilitate people who have physical disabilities. Inherent in the goal is the achievement of the highest attainable levels of functioning, mobility and dependence. This ensures a level of comfort and satisfaction to each individual patient.

Our belief is that every person, regardless of physical limitations, have abilities, which are of value to the community. Our challenge is to equip each individual with the most appropriate assistive device and skills to use it properly. Our satisfaction lies in knowing that children and adults who once faced insurmountable barriers are now experiencing fuller participation in the world. A combination of modern rehabilitation techniques, advanced materials, improved technology, and the expertise of our practitioners, brings satisfaction to patients.

Patient Care

Findlay American Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre prides itself in patient care. Satisfaction of our patients is the number one priority. Our relationship with you is one that grows into a unique friendship over time. We schedule appointments to allow time to get to know the individual and not just the problem at hand. This strategy provides you with the best possible service to fit your needs. Our slogan is that whether it is an orthosis or prosthesis "it needs to be functional and comfortable." It may take some follow up care to achieve.

Continuing Ed and Technology

Prosthetic and Orthotics is a changing field. Many new products come out weekly and it is with our knowledge and expertise we can determine what will or won't work for the patient. We strive to attend lectures and seminars all over the U.S. on the latest technology. We stay abreast of the most advanced techniques and componentry in the field. We are open to any question you may have in regards to new developments and technology.


We provide comprehensive patient care in prosthetics and orthotics. General orthotic indications are muscle loss or weakness, neurological deficiencies, support, and trauma/fracture. Prosthetics encompasses patient education, postoperative care, and lower and upper extremity prosthetics.

Insurance Coverage

We do everything possible to inform you of what your insurance will cover. We file all claims and do follow up work to ensure that your claim gets the full attention necessary.

Community Participation

Findlay American Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre has been in Findlay since June 1st, 1975. We make a point to give back to the community every chance we get. We share our knowledge and resources, by presenting programs to area schools, physical therapists, and physician groups.